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Freefort brings an independent perspective together with market leading expertise, skills and proven techniques to help people and organisations develop and make the most of business opportunities. As businesses and people change, develop and evolve, we partner with clients to enable them to maximise their potential and stay ahead. The consultants at Freefort appreciate the importance of understanding your business, the pressures and opportunities and the need to deliver results.

Freefort is an independent firm of experienced, accredited business coaches and consultants focused on maximising business performance through people. We believe people are key to a successful business, it is at the heart of what we do.

We provide bespoke consultancy and coaching to capitalise on opportunities and overcome challenges your business has with its people, and achieve measurable business success. Importantly, we look beyond the people within your organisation; we include the all-important clients. When we know your business we will always look for you to benefit from our unique network and do what we are great at, which is connecting people. 

We bring a fresh perspective with a clear focus on achieving business success, we design solutions for all our clients, concentrating on the people that make the organisation what it is: the management, the employees and the clients.

We do not believe in simple, generic solutions. We take a bespoke approach tailored to each situation, always focusing on the people that are core to the business, and the need to achieve measurable positive outcomes.

We are results-focused, and help people achieve their potential by building awareness, understanding, skills and engagement in order to enhance productivity and performance. Our aim is to work with people throughout the organisation so they can achieve more and make a greater contribution to business success and profitability.

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