Oliver Patrick

Oliver is a world-leading expert in lifestyle management. Oliver speaks widely on the application of contemporary wellbeing strategies and consults to businesses across the country on wellbeing programme development. A physiologist by background, Oliver has been instrumental in establishing professional recognition for applied physiology in the UK, working closely with professional and government bodies as well as major teaching institutions.

Oliver’s work includes developing wellbeing programmes for international businesses taking into account their cultural and environmental factors.  He also contributes to key career transition initiatives such as new leader and retirement programmes where wellbeing is becoming an ever increasing focus.  As well as working with groups, Oliver provides one-to-one support to help professionals thrive.

Oliver was co-founder of Viavi group, delivering the most advanced health assessment and health screening services available globally. Over 15 years on London’s Harley Street has seen Oliver work in the largest multi-disciplinary clinical team in the country and has hands on experience in the broadest range of health markers. Alongside the Harley Street clinical delivery, Oliver co-founded the UKs first lifestyle medicine and health gym in Oxford, with a purpose to create an effective health intervention for the over 50s. Oliver was Professional Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, where he was instrumental in the reposition of Nuffield from an orthopaedic hospital group into a contemporary health and wellbeing proposition. As part of his role, Oliver led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing advisors and accredited nutritionists in the UK.

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