Edward Walker

Edward is a business psychologist, coach, facilitator and speaker.  He works with individuals and organisations to enhance processes and foster new ways of working that drive performance. Edward takes a relational approach in his work, helping clients achieve sustainable results by using conversation to adjust how they make sense of the world around them. By combining his practical expertise with a deep understanding of organisational dynamics, he is able to identify and challenge his clients’ unspoken assumptions and support them in enacting positive change.

In addition to his consulting experience, Edward is an active researcher.  His research has featured in a variety of business publications and he also enjoys presenting at conferences.  His research interests include legal leadership, organisational secondments, and workplace adversity, resilience and wellbeing.  Edward is currently conducting doctoral research as part of a government-funded project, focusing on the implementation of artificial intelligence in UK professional services firms.

020 3773 8151

[email protected]