Chloe Wright

Chloe is an accredited executive coach, leadership consultant and facilitator. Chloe’s areas of expertise include leadership development, talent strategy, CEO and senior leader transitions, coaching, personal resilience and design and facilitation of impactful and unique development interventions.

Clients value Chloe’s adaptive, agile and person centered partnership. Her style is holistic and works at multiple levels of development. Her work acknowledges our world is in constant flux, and therefore so are our needs as leaders. Thus she focuses on building the capacity, motivation, and ability for change within people, teams, and organisations, as much as the changes themselves. Often taking a systemic outlook to create original solutions to her clients’ challenges, she blends influences from the worlds of business, leadership, psychology, somatics and yoga to help clients connect to the potential for change within themselves, each other and the world around them.

020 3773 8151

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